Sinhala Talking clock

This software is created by, Chirantha a friend of mine...
It's worth downloading..

Features :

1. 24 hour clock support
3. Support unlimited Alarms*
4. Speech of Time and Date
5. Customizable Fonts, Color and Background
6. Auto speech
7. Rich options page with over 40 options!
8. Independent small size Voice Engine!
9. Automatic Speech with time range support
10. For the first time EVER a 'State Of Emergency' system
11. Support for Accessibility devices via Joystick interface!
12. Remote Access support through program server allows control from anywhere
13. Smart Hide System will ensures that the Talking Clock display doesn't bother your work

here is the directlink to his web page

Horoscope Software-2

Here is the 2nd Horoscope Software

Hope u like it, as the 1st one

in 1st dialog use N, for thathkala kendra

then enter name, and detailes

select NRAYANA method

download link


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