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License Validity: 25.15.2011
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* Reliable protection against viruses that attack your mobile terminal.
In this way you cannot infect yourself or pass on infections to others
* Proven, multi-award-winning AntiVir virus and malware protection
technology with an extremely high degree of protection, specially
designed for use in mobile terminals
* Support of current conventional mobile phone models
* Minimum RAM load due to slim program package
* Fast, resource-saving update through single file update

Simple installation and updates within seconds:

* Transmission of the program package by docking onto the local
PC (PDA) or via Bluetooth, IrDA, GPRS or serial cable (smartphone).
* Automatic installation of the English or German version
depending on the language set (smartphone).
* Simple manual program update via LAN, WLAN or dial-up (PDA)
or via Bluetooth, GPRS/GPS or WLAN (smartphone). Update also
possible via host PC.
* Roll-back in case an update could not be carried out completely.
* Automatic scan-on-sync protection (PDA) for secure data synchronization

Individual setting possibilities and transparent status information:

* Clear menu navigation that does not set any riddles.
* Flexibility through definition of the scanning scope.
* Optional scanning of ROM files and/or cards and network folders
* Automatic or interactive procedure in the event of a virus detection).
* Possibility to delete infected files.
* Specific information on every virus detection, so that you are always
in the picture. Version information can be requested at any time

Compatible devices

Nokia N-Gage QD,N72, N-Gage, Nokia 3660, 3620, 6600, 7650, 6670,
3230, 6260, 6620, 6630, 6680, 6681, 6682
Panasonic X700
Siemens SX 1
Sendo X & X2

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